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Mr. Sheldon and The Super Achievers

Mr. Sheldon and The Super Achievers is a heart-warming story of a young man who enlists a team of “Super Achievers” to go out and positively impact communities one good deed at a time.

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god’s purpose

After realizing it was not in God’s plan for him to play in the NBA or even college basketball, Sheldon searched for the purpose God had planned for his life.

Sheldon shares his journey of how it took going through life’s challenges to realize there was much more to life than playing basketball. His story of how he walked in God’s purpose and did whatever it took for him to fulfill his goals will inspire youth to Never give up! Keep pushing forward Set goals and have a backup plan.

Sheldon theragood

As a public servant, youth mentor, speaker, and philanthropist, he has a relentless passion for giving, helping and encouraging others

He is the founder of Theragood Deeds, a Houston based 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides mentoring, counseling and outreach opportunities focused on making a positive impact in the lives of youth – affectionately referred to as “Future Achievers.”

Meet Sheldon

Founder of TheraGood Deeds Inc.

Providing opportunities for our youth to promote positive and productive lives.

Host Of Watevaittakes Podcast

A podcast show dedicated to bridging the gap between adults and the youth.