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I hope this book inspires the reader to seek out God’s purpose for their life.

If you enjoyed reading – “Whatever It Takes” as much as I enjoyed creating it! Leave a book review and let me know your thoughts.

After reading the entire memoir, it reminded me of my transition from elite athlete to dedicating my life to medicine as a doctor… hardest thing I’ve ever done but truly gratifying. His book helped me to reflect on my journey, acknowledge how far God has brought me, and motivate me to continue to find “my purpose.” Great life lessons for growing kids and adults as well, he is an inspiration for all. Fav chapter was Humbled. Beautiful summary. Thank you Sheldon. ??

Olivia K

This book was phenomenal from start to finish ! It was very thought provoking, motivating and inspirational!

Kandyce A.

After reading this book, I was left motivated more than ever! Thank you for sharing your life and making an impact on not just our youth but the city of Houston. Great read! Especially the keys to success section. It allows you to reflect on your own life.


Whatever It Takes forced me to find my purpose. I’ll be referencing this book for a long time to come.

Eunice Breedlove

I wish I could read Whatever It Takes again for the first time. This book kept me spell bound, and I was compelled to keep reading. 

Tamara Jiles

I was blown away by the author’s ability to communicate such phenomenal passion, perspective, and emotion.

Rodney Jones

I would recommend Whatever It Takes to anyone. Read THIS BOOK! I promise, you’ll be hooked.

Sandra McNeal